TPB Induction Technology comes to UK – Exclusive to Sola Kitchens

Sola Kitchens are extremely proud to present a new type of induction cooking, the TPB induction worktop. As the very first Kitchen company in the UK to showcase this new product, we would be delighted to provide you with further information on the worktop properties and product details.

TPB Induction Cooking

Induction cooking technology may have been around for quite some time now, but with unmatched creativity and innovation, TPBarcelona has brought out the best of this amazing cooking technology.

What makes TPB tech so special? How does TPB induction differ from conventional electric and gas? Read on to find out why every serious cook and chef loves TPB worktop and why is set to become the number 1 choice for kitchens in European households and the world at large.

What’s in TPB Induction Technology?

TPB Tech truly revolutionises the concept of cooking by incorporating an induction hob within the worktop. Your hob is incorporated within the work surface, which allows for truly unique design ideas to achieve a modern, sleek and elegant finish that cannot be found with a standard hob.

induction hob works by using electromagnetic energy. The energy passes through the worktop the pan directly. Cooking by using TPB Tech is quick and easy. You can change the temperature almost immediately, just like you would with a gas hob. It heats up instantly and is extremely energy efficient.


A brainchild of TPBarcelona, TPB Induction technology truly revolutionised the concept of cooking by integrating an induction hob with the worktop. In other words, TPB worktop is a worktop you can cook on, and it is the first one ever produced.

The unique features of TPB tech worktop make it the most innovative surface, both functionally and aesthetically and offers unmatched performance that you can’t find with a standard hob.

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Why Would You Choose TPB Tech over Electric, Gas, and other Induction Hobs?

Safety First

TPB Tech is the most family friendly hob available today. It is extremely easy to use with its simple but functional buttons and because of the way the induction hob generates heat, you can touch the cooking surface almost immediately without burning yourself.

No heat is produced unless there is a pan on the stove, even when the hob is turned on.


There is little to worry about with the residual heat left over from the cooking pot. TPB worktops are made from a porcelain-ceramic composition, which incorporates an aluminium layer that helps to diffuse the residual heat.

When you compare TPB Induction technology to the benefits are clear. The open flame can accidentally burn someone or something. Likewise, a still-hot electric element is quite difficult to see to the naked eye, increasing the risk of burns as well as the fact that the electric elements can stay hot for a considerable time whilst still appearing cool.

Attractiveness and Desirability

Who doesn’t love elegance?

TPB Worktops presents the real definition of a beautiful and classy kitchen. Besides being the surface that can best adapt to all the needs of your kitchen, TPB Tech worktop allows for the creation of a striking piece of artwork for the kitchen and fits sleekly into the Sola Kitchens Range.

Its design and porcelain ceramic composition allow for truly unique kitchen design ideas that will help you achieve a modern, lustrous, and classy look that can’t be found with a standard cooktop.


It’s a little-known fact that a lot of heat goes to waste with gas and conventional electric cookers. With induction cooking, virtually all of the source energy is transferred to the cooking vessel.

Only 40% of the energy in gas gets utilised to cook, while with induction, 84% of the electricity energy used gets utilised to cook.

What’s more, with TPB Tech, you will enjoy a much cooler kitchen. This is because the heat radiated by the cooking pot and the food itself is so reduced that it can’t be compared with the heat generated by gas or electrically powered cooking.


As TPB Tech worktops are made from porcelain ceramic surfaces they are impact and scratch resistant as well as being  stain-proof and easy to clean. They can also stand extreme heat and bacteria cannot flourish on them as they are non-porous.

One additional benefit is that as the worktop itself doesn’t generate heat, spillages aren’t baked onto the worktop surface and you can simply wipe them off with a damp cloth.

Conversely, most gas cooktops are made from steel or glass, which is harder to clean. Likewise, burning gas has by-products that are vaporised, but in the end, condense on a surface somewhere around the cooktop.

Controls and Ease of Use

TPB induction technology worktop is undeniably the most user-friendly induction hob on the market. It features simple but functional buttons. Namely, the temperature and controls are tiny routed-out buttons in the worktop while the small red lights indicate which hob is working.


What’s more, you can also use the hob area as a food preparation area when the hob is not in use. Remember the TPB worktop is ceramic, so you can even chop straight onto it!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to designing a kitchen, there is nothing as important as the type of cooking surface you want. In the past, you had only two main choices – gas or traditional electric cookers. Today there is only really only one choice – TPB Tech worktop.

With TPB Induction technology, TPBarcelona truly revolutionised the way we cook. TPB worktop is extremely easy and safe to use.  TPB tech worktop is also versatile in light of the fact that no heat is produced even when it is turned on unless there’s a pot on it which makes it attractive, safe and easy to clean.

Last but not least, TPB tech worktop features the most resilient and sleek materials that present a true definition of contemporary kitchen style. Therefore, if you are looking for a combination of efficiency and class, then TPB worktop is your perfect choice of a cooktop. They are available in a variety of colour choices exclusive to Sola Kitchens in the UK.


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