The Sola Kitchens Showroom is now open!

Sola Kitchens’ new showroom is now officially open!

On Thursday last week we held the official launch party with about 70 people attending. It was a great evening and the showroom was very well received.

This was what the Beautiful Kitchens Magazine thought:

Here you can see some photos of the new showroom. But even better would be to see them “live”, so please pop in and see us and our beautiful kitchens!

This week we have been working very hard to finalise the new kitchen showroom on Munster Road in Fulham, and we are very nearly there! The kitchens are looking absolutely lovely and it will look fantastic when all the final details are in place! We are still waiting for a few bits and pieces, mainly the lovely darkblue AGA range cooker that we will have, which will arrive in a couple of weeks. This week we shall also paint the shop front and put the new signs up, so that you can find us!

I will keep you posted on the progess, but do pop in and visit us for a sneak preview and a coffee if you are in the area!

We are very exited to let you know that Sola Kitchens is opening a new Showroom on Munster Road in Fulham, London! The Showroom is currently being renovated and fitted out with six new bespoke solid wood kitchens, three from our classic range and three from the contemporary range. The Showroom will have something for everyone, whether you are looking for a traditional handpainted Shaker kitchen, classic Swedish or Scandinavian minimalism. The styles we will show are all very different, but what they have in common is that they are all made in solid wood, to the same exacting standard and with the same attention to detail. We will also display some of the other type of interior we do, such as integrated wardrobes and bookshelves.

The renovation is progressing well despite the chilly weather! The floor and one of the kitchens were put in last week and the other kitchens will arrive next week. We will officially open the the showroom in mid-January and look forward to welcoming you for a coffee and to look at our beautiful kitchens and interiors!

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