Sola Kitchens

From luxe metallic materials to comforting homely touches, these are the kitchen trends we are predicting to be the most sought-after this year.

As we demand a lot from our kitchens, because now more than ever, they are the most functional space within our homes – providing a place to cook, eat, work, rest, and entertain. All the latest kitchen trends cater to providing the best design solutions to maximize the key demands of this multifunctional space.

Our clients love making their kitchen space unique adapting to both their interior taste and their day-to-day needs. It’s clear that 2023 is set to be a year of unexpected colour, precious metals, and natural countertops.

1. Japandi Kitchen Designs

The term first appeared around 2016, and as the name suggests, it’s a design mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles and the trend for Japandi-style kitchens is set to go stratospheric in 2023. This design trend is becoming increasingly popular over the last 12 months and it’s no surprise that this calming scheme has made its way to the hub of every home – the kitchen.

A fusion of understated Japanese aesthetics with the comfort of Scandinavian style, the Japandi kitchen trend is ideal for creating a serene and timeless feel in any kitchen.  By incorporating organic textures and earthy tones into the kitchen is a fantastic way of creating a cosy and calming environment. 

Using raw materials and nature-inspired designs promises to instantly uplift a kitchen and connect us to our surroundings; such as a worktop that incorporates these earthy tones and textures will instantly create a cosy environment and will link you with the natural world. An abundance of house plants is also key to mastering the Japandi style and this will bring more life to your design plus plants increase the levels of oxygen and help boost your mood and productivity levels

2. Social Kitchen Islands

For 2023 kitchen islands are evolving to become even more of a point of focus, as they become more socially focused and will be tailored to incorporate more seating to ensure the space is completely inclusive, whether cooking, entertaining or just relaxing with the family.

As the kitchen island is in a handy position, by centralising cooking or preparation areas it will make the kitchen more sociable, allowing you to communicate with others while preparing dinner and instead of standing with your back to your family and friends.

3. Pistachio - The big Interiors Colour Trend

Pistachio is one of our favourite colours at the moment, lending a sense of tranquillity to the home. It’s fresh, muted, and gently brings a comfort associated with the natural world.

Pistachio’s soft tones make it a great shade to experiment with so embrace it on your kitchen cabinets as it can create a soft space and relaxing ambiance.

4. Statement Lighting

We are seeing statement chandeliers and pendants adding stylish finishing touches to a kitchen in the same way as they would in a stylish living room or dining room. Customers are increasingly beginning to consider lighting as a part of their overall kitchen design.

These statement pieces bring the homeowner’s personality and style into a space in a unique way. With the rise in broken plan living, lighting also offers an effective way to break up different zones of the home as the lighting changes between areas.

5. Mixed Metallics

Metallic finishings are going to be the most sought-after material of 2023. We’re noticing a shift with consumers looking to incorporate mixed metals into their kitchen designs. Metals in similar tones offer a consistent style such as copper and gold but using too much of the same metal can look one-dimensional so make sure the finish you choose suits the kitchen.

More muted choices of metal are taking off in popularity in kitchens such a copper and brushed brass as they create a much more natural effect and by adding small, sophisticated touches of these will make a huge overall difference.

6. Natural Timber Tones

Welcoming nature into our homes it has long been one of the biggest interior design trends in recent years so it’s no surprise that one of the key kitchen trends in 2023 is that of welcoming natural timber tones such as oak. 

Creating interesting colour stories for the kitchen using a play on the material instead of paint selection. Pulling out the blues, greens, and pinks from within marbles, and other worktop surfaces is a perfect way to balance out the warmth from the wood whilst it still gives a dynamic impact without needing to paint with colour.

7. Natural Material Countertops

Natural stone is a timeless choice for many homeowners, with Ceasarstone quartz and marble worktops remaining strong favourites in 2023. Natural stone works across both traditional and modern kitchens alike, popular for its quality finish and incredible versatility and with a huge array of options to suit any style of kitchen.

Marble with its timeless and classic appearance is still in high demand and we suspect that this trend will continue for a while. Stunningly beautiful and full of character and charm, you can make such an impactful statement applying marble in the right way, or even as a hidden moment within a pantry larder or breakfast dresser.