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Splashbacks were all about function in the past, protecting the walls behind worktops, hobs and sinks from splashes. Nowadays, however, their ability to contribute aesthetically as well as provide practical benefits is crucial to a successful kitchen design, whether you’re designing a stylish kitchen on a budget, creating a traditional family kitchen or planning a small kitchen. And if you want an eye-catching feature, a sleek finish, or a touch of luxury, there’s a world of choice. These kitchen splashback ideas will introduce colour, texture and pattern to your kitchen. Here are some of our favourite kitchen splashbacks ideas: 

1. Mirrored Splashbacks

A mirrored splashback can make a small kitchen feel larger, brighten any space, and provide an intriguing new perspective.

2. Marble Lookalike Porcelain Tile

Pick a porcelain tile splashback with a real-stone effect instead. Comes in a variety of sizes, small brick shapes to large format sizes.

3. Add An Extra Dimension With Textured Tiles

Consider tiles to bring a tactile element to the room, it can often warm up the look for a room giving it texture and feel.

4. Match Splashbacks And Worktops

Using the same worktop materials for preparation and island areas, as for the splashback looks sleek and contemporary.

5. Create An Industrial Style Kitchen

The material you choose for a splashback can help evoke a distinctive feel. Stainless steel or metal zinc are often used in creating an industrial style kitchen vibe

6. Stone Splashbacks With Easy Care Properties 

If you want a kitchen splashback that’s a has a stunning stone effect, go for natural stone that displays beautiful veining and colour. This black beauty is treated with a protective surface to avoid staining.

7. Bookmatched Natural Marble Slabs 

Love the solid and impressive appearance of real stone in this kitchen, which has been bookmatched, to create a mirror image, and is an elegant focal point that complements the cabinetry.

8. Make Your Splashback Metallic

Follow the trend for warmer metals in the kitchen with a splashback that continues the theme

9. Play With Polished Plaster For Your Splashback

Polished plaster – a decorative plaster finish – can reproduce the look of different types of stone to stunning effect.

10. Oak Wood For Splashback

Make a working kitchen prettier with an oak block laminate kitchen splashback. A great alternative to tiles, and are ideal for extending the laminate beyond your work surface. They help to liven-up the space between the worktop and your kitchen wall cabinets, too, whilst protecting your wall from splashes.

11. Add An Industrial Look With Exposed Bricks

Exposed brick is cool and very practical as a splashback area. Brick has a rustic charm that is unsurpassed with any other material. Obviously, it’s very durable and strong. Brick can take a lot of wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about contact with heat. It’s also very unique and can give your home a one-of-a-kind feel. 

12. Mosaic Tiles

Do you like the idea of designing a kitchen splashback that uses pattern to create interest but doesn’t overwhelm a space. Then make a working kitchen prettier with a splashback in intricate mosaic pattern. 

13. Glass Splashbacks


This kitchen has been given an update featuring a glass wall panel splashback. The back can be painted any colour to match with the scheme and you can have gloss or matt finish.

14. Create A Luxurious Look With An Antique Mirror Splashback

How about a glamourous kitchen? This kitchen features a bespoke antique mirror-effect splashback.  

So Which Kitchen Splashback Material?

There’s plenty on offer in terms of splashback materials. Cost, care requirements and how they complement the rest of the kitchen design should all factor into your selection. Tiles offer many colour, style and pattern choices, as well as a large range of price points. They’re easy to keep clean, although grout may not be as easy to upkeep over time.

Stainless steel or zinc worktops have an industrial look, or bronze metal surfaces have a slick masculine look, all these are easy to look after.

Glass can be a barely visible addition giving an element of simplicity to the kitchen design. Glass can also protect a wallpaper for an individual look or stand out in its own right if you choose a coloured design. Natural Stones will make a statement, if you’re prepared to invest more.

An attractive quartz or quartzite solid surface materials are hardwearing options. More unusual are mirrored glass, antique glass and metallics, which can brighten as well as protect well. These give more of a statement design looks.