Our Scandinavian Heritage

Many of the most recognised icons of Scandinavian furniture design began their careers as architects and jewellery designers, beginning as apprentices of ‘all round design’ – encouraged to create long lasting, well-proportioned products made to the highest quality specification. Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen’s iconic chairs, Poul Henningsen and Louis Poulsen’s timeless lamp designs have graced homes through-out the world for over 60 years and their creators having made the transition from contemporary innovators to classic icons within their own lifetimes.

For centuries, life under the northern lights has revolved around the home. With its rough climate and long, dark winters the home has always been the comfortable place of refuge. Combining style with perfect functionality, Scandinavian design radiates beauty and warmth through light colours and the ample use of natural materials.

At Sola Kitchens we design furniture that are true to our Scandinavian Heritage. Our philosophy is to create timeless yet functional designs which reflect the individual style of your personality and home.

Our furniture is truly bespoke, with each individual kitchen piece handcrafted by our cabinet makers in Scandinavia. Combining traditional techniques with new timber and metal working skills from the very best craftsmen, we believe the resulting alchemy will be a pleasure to behold, forming a back drop to your daily life for many years to come.



Sola Kitchens